SCL Fareham A Fixtures and Results 2017-18

03 October 2017 Southampton B v Fareham A

Cordner, D 0-1 Gregory, K

Jones, G 0-1 Marsh, R

Clark, D 1-0 Coburn, J

Moore, G 0.5 Black, E

Wiseman, J 0-1 Elliott, D

Keith sacrificed a piece to open lines against his opponent's king.  Perpetual check was always available, but so too was a winning manoeuvre.  Ted's game ended up as K+BN v K+B, and when he had less than two minutes left claimed the draw because his opponent could not make progress by normal means.  Gillian wanted to play on a few moves so lack of progress could be demonstrated.  Fortunately the exchange of a pair of minor pieces was forced soon after because, as a team captain acting as arbiter, I did not know what would constitute demonstrating lack of progress in this game.

Soton B  1.5   Fareham A  3.5

25 October 2017 Hamble B v Fareham A

Fowler, D 0-1 Gregory,K

Puchades, R  0.5 Marsh, R

Wilkinson, J 1-0 Coburn, J

Newbury, M 1-0 Black, E

Lefevre, S 0-1 Elliott, D

A good result from a poor start.  We had the worse of it on three of the boards, but Keith and Dave were clear favourites towards the end and time shortage did not divert them from winning.

Hamble B  2.5  Fareham A  2.5

14 November 2017  Fareham A v Basingstoke A

Anthony R Corkett 1 - 0 Ivan Stipcevic

Keith DF Gregory - David Graham

Roger DW Marsh 0 - 1 Liam Blanc

J Coburn 1 - 0 Ewart J Smith

Ted Black 0 - 1 Barry A Kocan

Fareham A  2.5  Basingstoke A  2.5

20 November 2017 Winchester A v Fareham A

Alan Dyos 0 - 1 Keith Gregory

Robin Atkins - Roger Marsh

Bob A Cleave 1 - 0 Curtis Couch

David Kinsler - Joe Coburn

Michael J White 1 - 0 Dave J Elliott

Winchester A  3  Fareham A  2

23 January 2018 Fareham A Southampton B

14 February 2018 Basingstoke A Fareham A

20 March 2018 Fareham A Hamble B

27 March 2018 Fareham A Winchester A