This page is archived from the 2017/18 season

Club Championship 2017-18Holder: Tony Corkett

Club championship: Swiss 6 rounds (Includes Open, under-120 and Junior)

Time limit as per the Cole Cup: 30 moves in 60 mins followed by 15 min quickplay

Tie break:

1 The result between the tied players

2 Sum of progressive score

3 Armageddon

Round 1

Corkett, A 1-0 Eva, S

White, K 0-1 Marsh, R

Coburn, J 1-0 Anderson, D

Krajewski, A 0-1 Deacon, D

Black, T 1-0 Craig, J

Thomas, A 0-1 Elliott, D

Butler, A 1-0 Massey, B

Buck, C 0.5 Davies, R

Springthorpe, L 1-0 Bast, Jenny

Longman, D 1-0 Bye

Round 2

Longman, D 0-1 Corkett, A

Marsh, R 1-0 Springthorpe, L

Deacon, D 1-0 Butler, A

Elliott, D 0.5 Black, T

Davies, R 0-1 Coburn, J

Eva, S 1-0 Buck, C

Massey, B 0-1 White, K

Anderson, D 0.5 Thomas, A

Craig, J 1-0 Krajewski, A

Bast, J 1-0 Bye

Round 3

Corkett, A 1-0 Marsh, R

Coburn, J 1-0 Deacon, D

Black, T 1-0 Longman, D

Butler, A 0-1 Elliott, D

Bast, J (def) 0-1 Eva, S

White, K 1-0 Craig, J

Springthorpe, L 0-1 Anderson, D

Thomas, A 0.5 Davies, R

Krajewski, A 1-0 Buck, C (def)

Round 4

Coburn, J 0-1 Corkett, A

Marsh, R 0.5 Black, E

Elliott, D 1-0 Eva, S

Deacon, D 1-0 White, K

Anderson, D 1-0 Davies, R

Craig, J 1-0 Springthorpe, L

Krajewski, A 1-0 Thomas, A

Bast, J 0-1 Longman, D

Buck, C 0.5 Butler, A

Round 5

Corkett, A 0.5 Elliott, D

Black, T 0.5 Coburn, J

Deacon, D 1-0 Anderson, D

Longman, D 0-1 Marsh, R

White, K 0-1 Krajewski, A

Eva, S 0.5 Craig, J

Butler, A 1-0 Bast, J

Davies, R 0-1 Springthorpe, L

Buck, C 1-0 Bye

Round 6

Corkett, A 0.5 Deacon, D

Elliott, D 1-0 Coburn, J

Marsh, R 1-0 Krajewski, A

Anderson, D 0-1 Black, T

Craig, J 0-1 Butler, A

Springthorpe, L 0-1 Eva, S

Longman, D 1-0 Buck, C

Bast, J 0-1 White, K

Davies, R 1-0 Bye

Tony Corkett wins the Club Championship (5/6)

Dave Elliott wins the Seniors (5/6)

Syd Eva wins the U120 (3.5/6)