This page is archived from the 2016/17 season

Seniors Tournament 2016-17

Holder: Joe Coburn

As in previous years, time control is 30 moves in one hour followed by 15 minutes quick-play finish. The games will be submitted for grading so you should also use scoresheets.

Round 1

Jim Craig 0-1    Dave Elliott

Rob Davies 1-0    Dave Longman

Cliff Schofield 0.5    Syd Eva

Dave Anderson 0-1    Les Springthorpe

Round 2

Les Springthorpe 0-1 Rob Davies

Dave Elliott 1-0 Cliff Schofield

Syd Eva 0.5 Jim Craig

Dave Longman 0-1 Dave Anderson

Round 3

Rob Davies 0-1 Dave Elliott

Dave Anderson 1-0 Syd Eva

Jim Craig 0-1 Les Springthorpe

Cliff Schofield 1-0 Dave Longman

Dave Elliott wins with 3/3