This page is archived from the 2016/17 season

Cole Cup Results 2016-17

Round 1

Thurs. 27/10/2016  Emsworth B  v  Fareham A

Parekh, N 0-1 Corkett, A

Davies, M 0-1 Gregory, K

Biksi, Z 0-1 Edwards, M

Cook, D 0-1 Black, E

Barron, S 0-1 Elliott, D

Emsworth B 0  Fareham A 5

Round 2

Tues. 3/1/2017 Fareham A  v  Chichester A

Corkett, A 0.5 Wilson, J

Gregory, K 1-0 Osiyemi, L

Graham, F 0.5 Smith, S

Deacon, D 1-0 Plumb, M

Edwards, M 1-0 Spence, M

We found ourselves facing a surprisingly lower rated Chichester team as a number of their usual ‘A’ team players weren’t available for the match.


As early as move 12 I found myself with the option of going in to a line giving up a piece, followed by a sequence of moves, that appeared to end up with me in a middle game with Rook and a Pawn (or 2) and Jamie having 2 knights. Tempted as I was it was too complicated for me to assess accurately (although my silicon friend later confirmed it to be unclear and just about equals). I decided it was a bit too early to be going in ‘gung ho’, and opted for a more peaceable line.       


As Keith sat alongside me, I saw his game develop, with his opponent Lara playing quickly and confidently against Keith’s Catalan set up. I quite liked the look of Lara’s position at one stage, and Lara was also a long way ahead on the clock. Keith kept playing solid moves, giving Lara choices, and at some point things began to turn.


Fraser went in for one of those sacs where you play Bxh2ch Kxh2, followed by Ng4ch Kg3, and then a quiet killer Queen move. However, I couldn’t quite see the killer follow up, and it began to look like a speculative sac. The game proved to be a bit of a roller coaster ride after this.    


Casting my eye over Dave and Mike’s games, gave me some cause for optimism. Both positions looked good for us, and it looked to me as if both of their opponents tried opening up the centre - where they were weakest. Not too long after this it was a very welcome sight when Dave filled his result on the score card and we had our 1st point on the board.


I watched Lara’s position progress from okay to critical as Keith started getting closer and closer to his king. When mate was announced we had our 2nd point.  


By this time we were in to the final period, and my game against my uber solid opponent had got to a point where I could take a perpetual if I wanted to (or needed to). Fraser was still struggling on in what had become a rook and pawn endgame a number of pawns down, and Mike was close to finishing his opponent off, being a lot of material up. Mike’s opponent decided enough was enough soon after, and we had our 3rd point.


With the match now decided I took advantage of the available perpetual in my game to get us to 3 ˝, and all eyes were on Fraser and Steven in the final game.


It is fascinating watching a game where a totally won position is handicapped by time shortage. We’ve all been there! Despite being 3 pawns down in a rook and pawn endgame, Fraser kept doing enough to keep Steven thinking rather than letting him get on to auto-pilot. Steven became mesmerised by the position and the clock and was eventually forced to offer a draw with only a few seconds left. Fraser accepted!


A 4-1 victory in an entertaining match. Well done all. We appear to have Cosham in the next round, but we will get confirmation of this in due course.

Fareham A  4  Chichester A  1

Thurs. 19/1/2017 Emsworth A v Fareham B

Paul Cooper 1 - 0 Ashraf Syed

Philip Stimpson 1 - 0 Rob Davies

Keith Richardson 1 - 0 Chas Chapman

Kier Eyles 1 - 0 Kalvin White

Michael Krawczuk 1 - 0 Adrian Krajewski

Emsworth A  5  Fareham B  0

Cole Plate

Tuesday 14/3/2017   Fareham B v Porsmouth A

Rob Davies 0 - 1 Ian Hardwick

Alan Butler 0 - 1 Martin Buckley

Melissa Hamilton 0 - 1 Martin Hulland

Kalvin White 0 - 1 Simon Venables

Les Springthorpe 0 - 1 David Ross (jnr)

Fareham B 0  Portsmouth A 5

Cup Semi-Final

Thursday 20/4/2017 Cosham v Fareham A

Cordner, D 0-1 Corkett, A

Puchades, R 0.5 Gregory, K

Smith, A 0-1 Deacon, D

Feltham, G 0.5 Edwards, M

LeFevre, S 0-1 Black, E

An excellent result for the A Team, beating Cosham 4-1 in the Cole Cup semi-final. We will play Emsworth in the final.


We outrated our opponents on all boards to varying degrees, so started as favourites for the match. Some of our team didn't know that the bar at the Cosham venue no longer serves drinks, so there was some consternation about this!


My own game went in to a Nimzo-Indian and a middle game where Black puts his pawns on c5, d6 and e5 after BxN doubling my c-pawns. As Fischer showed in his 1972 match against Spassky, this is a very playable line for Black, and I was wondering why I had let Dave C go in to this line. Dave had the opportunity of playing more aggressively for f5 on a couple of occasions, left it for a couple of moves, then did go for it - and promptly dropped a piece. 1-0 up.


Dave D played a solid line against his opponents Grunfeld. Pieces were jumping around, as they do in the Grunfeld. However, with his Q on a5, Black played Be4-d5, allowing Rc1-c5 winning a piece. 2-0 up.


Mike was doing fine in the middle game against his opponent, and at a point in the game when a decision had to be made as to whether he push for more - a draw was agreed. Because of the way the tie-break works this was sufficient to win the match irrespective of the results of the 2 remaining games.


Keith played what I think is the Hanham Variation of the Philidor. A very solid line. Black has pawns on d6, c6, b6, and a6, so there are lots of pawn pushes to consider on every move. A couple of pawn moves helped to clarify the centre. It looked as if Keith was starting to make some progress but as pieces started to come off the balance was maintained, and a draw was eventually agreed.


Ted's was the last game being played. He played his usual Bb5 against the Sicilian, took on c6, and at some point early on won a pawn. This also gave Ted safe access to the c5 square. A pawn up and positionally better, the game moved inexorably on as piece after piece came off the board. When Ted started taking all of Black's remaining pawns Black decided enough was enough.

Cosham  1  Fareham A  4

Cup Final

Thursday 1/6/2017 Emsworth A v Fareham A

Tunks, D 0-1 Corkett, A

Cooper, P 0-1 Gregory, K

Krawczuk, M 0.5 Deacon, D

Eyles, K 0-1 Edwards, M

Northcott, P 0.5 Black, E

Our opponents Emsworth hosted the final of the Cole Cup. Things started well as we won the choice of colour. Although he hasn’t been very active chess-wise this season since getting married, it wasn’t a total surprise to see Dominic Tunks arrive to lead the Emsworth team. Overall, there was little difference in the average ratings of the teams, and the match looked likely to be a close affair.


Sure enough - 90 minutes in to the match and there were some interesting games going on, and although there were various degrees of pressure being applied, as far as I could tell nobody was clearly better at this stage. Things started to change towards the end of the 1st time control.


My game was the first to finish. Dominic played an e5 pawn push in what was a fairly stodgy position, and this led to my winning a pawn a few moves later. In playing to regain the pawn, Dominic’s rooks became side-lined on the edge of the board, and a mistake shortly after this with very little time on his clock allowed me to win a pawn on f7, and with it the game.


The next result came in on board 3 when Dave and Mike agreed a solid draw.


The remaining games moved in to the quickplay stage of the game, and all still looking very tense. Ted’s game looked the most promising at this stage as he was a pawn up. In fact, Ted’s position had looked the most favourable throughout the evening and I would gladly have swapped with him.


The next game to finish was Keith’s. I didn’t see how it happened but on returning to the boards and counting the pieces I was pleased to see Keith was a whole rook up. Worryingly, Paul had a Q and N very close to Keith’s king - but fortunately Keith had seen all the dangers and Paul’s resignation secured us the match.


Because of the formula used to decide drawn matches the results of the remaining 2 games didn’t matter from the match point of view - but neither Mike nor Ted seemed aware of this, and they did look like they were enjoying themselves!!


Mike’s opponent kept playing moves in what looked a totally drawn position, and as the clocks counted down left a rook en prise. This left Ted’s game, and not for the first time, as the last game playing. Ted went for a line attacking his opponents king, miscalculated, swapped Queen’s off, and now found himself after being a safe pawn up, a pawn down. However, his king and Rook were both very active so winning the pawn back proved straightforward enough. This left a king and 2 pawns vs king and 2 pawn endgame with all pawns on the k-side. A draw was finally agreed with both players down to K and P and not many seconds left on the clock.


Thanks to everyone who represented the ‘A’ team in the Cole Cup this season. We played 4 matches in securing the Cole Cup, and all without losing a single game – well done all. 

Emsworth A  1  Fareham A  4