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SCL Fareham B Fixtures and Results 2015-16

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 Fareham B Winchester A

Joe Coburn ½ Mike White ½

Dave Elliott 1 David Kinsler 0

Paul Bennett 0 Bob Cleave 1

Stephen Nelson-Smith ½ Alan Dyos ½

Frazer Graham 1 Graham Payne 0

A winning start to the season for Fareham B against last year's Division 3 runners up, Winchester A.  Stephen Nelson-Smith, in his first match as new Captain of the B team, fielded a side with strength in depth, and after some solid performances, Fareham reached the required 3 points to win the match.

Board 1 saw Mike White (140) against Joe Coburn (144).  Mike played a solid but dull Colle system, but although achieving the thematic e4 break, never really generated much initiative.  Meanwhile on Board 2, Dave Elliot (139) had white against David Kinsler (140), and played his favourite Smith-Morra gambit.  He looked to have fine compensation for the pawn, and good pressure, when his opponent very unfortunately touched the wrong piece, when his Queen was en-prise, and immediately resigned.  A shame for the Winchester player, and also for Dave, whom I am sure would have relished continuing the attack.

Board 3 saw Bob Cleave (136) open with 1.c4 against Paul Bennett(137), who set up his defence in the style of a Leningrad Dutch.  The position looked unclear and complex.  Board 4 was Stephen Nelson-Smith (E125) against Alan Dyos (117).  Stephen steered the opening into Catalonian waters, and his opponent, unfamiliar with the system, selected the closed variation, before then inserting c5 to bring about Tarrash-like themes.  Stephen elected to play it safe, and continued rather passively, allowing his opponent to equalise and gain a slightly better position.  On the bottom board Frazer Graham was out to impress, having badly misplayed against the Alekhine in the previous week’s cup match against Andover.  He selected the ‘Sniper’ system against his opponent’s 1.c4, and his opponent was clearly uncomfortable, making several positional errors early on, gifting Frazer the initiative.  Frazer pressed hard, and while defending a dangerous attack on the Queenside, his opponent blundered the exchange.  Frazer was ruthless in finishing the job, and soon Fareham were 2-0 up.

Meanwhile Stephen wasn’t feeling enthusiastic about his position, and Paul had traded a Queen for Rook and Bishop, and was defending a complex, slightly worse position, and rapidly getting into time trouble.  Stephen took Joe to one side and asked him to play for a win in his even position until the situation changed.  He then set to untangling his neglected queenside, and after an inaccuracy from his opponent, activated his bishops, and pulled level again, with perhaps a slight edge.  

Stephen pressed a little more, and then in a symmetrical position with a slight plus, offered a draw.  With both players short of time, and risk averse, his opponent accepted the draw.  Stephen informed Joe of his result, and Joe and Mike shortly after agreed a draw, giving Fareham the match.  

Paul made the first time control, but now looked to be defending against a queen with knight and bishop.  After surviving the following 6 moves, Paul sealed a move for future adjournment or adjudication, but realistically I’d be surprised if his opponent does not find a way to make his material advantage tell.

A good first result for Fareham B, and well played all.

Fareham B  3  Winchester A  2

Thursday, October 22, 2015 Salisbury B Fareham B

Charles Luther 0 Joe Coburn 1

Keith Bateman 0 Alex Cagnasso 1

Tomas Rusin 1 Paul Bennett 0

Jim Barnett 1 Stephen Nelson-Smith 0

Graeme Ford 0 Frazer Graham 1

Fareham B continued their unbeaten start to the season with a win away from home against Salisbury B.

Joe Coburn (144) played an ambitious g3 line against Charles Luther's (138) Semi-slav, with Luther holding onto the c4 pawn, but Joe getting plenty of compensation. Alex Cagnasso (137) played the first of two Scandiavian Defences on the night against Keith Bateman’s (135) 1.e4, and after a dozen or so moves had a pleasant position with a slight lead in development and nicely stationed rooks on the open central files.  Meanwhile on board 5, Frazer Graham (117) was pleased when his opponent, Graeme Ford (113) played inaccurately in the same opening, and Frazer gained the initiative.  Paul Bennett (137) faced a From’s gambit  against Tomas Rusin (E130), but his opponent didn’t seem to have gained any compensation, and Paul had a solid position and an extra pawn.

Stephen Nelson-Smith (E125) played a slightly dubious line in a Chigorin as black against Jim Barnett (120), and found himself defending a rather prospectless position.  Having spent a large amount of time trying to work out how to generate some play, he’d used nearly an hour on his clock, and was delighted when his opponent played one of the weak continuations he had analysed, and made then next few moves very quickly, reaching a better position.  He then foolishly played his next move instantly, and immediately saw it dropped a rook, and disgustedly resigned at once. 1-0 to Salisbury.

Stephen’s spirits fell further, when he analysed the position (after calming down) to discover he had an easy defence, which would have left him only slightly worse, but with prospects for an attack.  A hard reminder for Stephen, who should have done better, and certainly shouldn’t have resigned.  Thankfully his spirits were lifted with the appearance of Joe, who had converted his compensation into a winning attack, and had evened the scores.

Alex’s game had, by now, simplified into a winning endgame for the Fareham player, and Alex played patiently and carefully to secure the full point, and take Fareham into the lead.

Frazer’s game continued sharply, Frazer blundering the exchange but finding a way to complicate with a well-coordintaed pair of knights.  In time trouble, his opponent didn’t defend well, and Frazer won the exchange back, and entered an endgame with better chances.  He showed good technique to press home his advantage, and give Fareham the win.

Paul’s game seemed to have become rather muddy, his opponent having won a couple of pawns, and worked up a decisive attack.  Paul was unable to defend, and the final score was 3-2 to Fareham.

Well done all, and a big thank you to Joe, Alex and Frazer for their solid performances, and to Paul and Stephen for providing transport.

Salisbury B  2  Fareham B  3

Tuesday, November 17, 2015  Chandlers Ford A Fareham B

Sam Murphy 0 Joe Coburn 1

Peter Minchev 0 Dave Elliot 1

Rick Meredith 1 Alex Cagnasso 0

Kev Lamb 0 Frazer Graham 1

Manoj Chandar 0 Stephen Nelson-Smith 1

Fareham B continued their unbeaten start to the season with an impressive 4-1 win away against Chandlers Ford.  Captain Stephen Nelson-Smith promoted Frazer Graham to board four in recognition of his fine performance in the Hampshire congress, and the team welcomed Dave Elliot onto board two.  Alex Cagnasso moved down to board three, with Joe Coburn staying on top board.

Board one saw Joe once again facing a semi-slav, and quickly getting a comfortable position, as his opponent misplayed on the queenside.  Dave played the Two Knights against Minchev, getting excellent compensation for a pawn, and building up a powerful initiative.  Alex was on the white side of an English, which looked fairly even.  Frazer played his favourite Sniper/Sicilian setup against 1.e4, and was rewarded with the kind of open, tactical position in which he revels.  Stephen played a quiet, non-theoretical line, reaching a kind of reversed hedgehog.

Joe fairly soon had won a pawn, and looked comfortably ahead.  Frazer converted his pressure into a combination which won a minor piece, and was cruising for an easy win.  Alex continued to look solid.  Dave’s opponent was desperately trying to hold onto a measly pawn, whilst Dave built up tremendous pressure against the white king.  Stephen’s opponent floundered in an unfamiliar position, and launched an agricultural attack with h5 and a queen and bishop battery.

Frazer was first to win, his opponent overlooking another tactic, and losing his queen.  Joe returned with a point shortly afterwards, having invaded his opponent’s queenside, giving him no chances of a draw.  Dave’s pressure had built up to an overwhelming degree, with e and f pawns marching down the board, and he finished the game off with a beautiful mating combination.  3-0 to Fareham.  Meanwhile, Stephen had responded in textbook fashion to the flank attack with a timely central blow, and soon Black was looking rather worse.  Nevertheless, his opponent continued to attack, but overlooked a simple defensive resource, losing material.  Stephen took rapid advantage of the mistake, delivering checkmate a few moves later.

It was down to Alex to make it 5-0, and his position looked promising.  Unfortunately he made a poor move and found his queen trapped in the centre of the board.  Alex was disappointed, but was pleased for the team, who enjoyed a rare early finish.

Chandlers Ford A  1   Fareham B  4

Tuesday, November 24, 2015  Fareham B Basingstoke A

Deacon, D 1-0 Graham, D

Coburn, J 0.5 Vanlint, P

Cagnasso, A 0.5 Bonsey, F

Graham, F 1-0 Beldaus, P

Nelson-Smith, S 0.5 Wyld, K

Another good result for the B team, who sit unassailed at the top of the third division, having defeated Basingstoke A by 3.5 to 1.5.


Dave Deacon joined the team on top board against David Graham (128).  Dave played solidly in a Najdorf Sicilian, gaining strong pressure on the queenside. 


Joe Coburn, presumably bored of winning against the semi-slav, changed, and opened 1.e4 against Paul Vanlint (0.5).  He achieved a Maroczy bind position against his opponent’s Sicilian, and looked solid.


Alex Cagnasso defended a rather uninspiring looking London System against Frank Bonsey (122) and also looked solid.


Frazer Graham played his favourite Scotch opening against Peter Beldhaus (111), and gained a nice open, attacking position.


Stephen Nelson-Smith responded with 1… b6 against Ken Wyld (111)’s 1.e4 and transposed into a classical French, where his opponent had misplaced his knights.


On board one, White never really got going on the kingside, and Black was comfortably better, and on board four Frazer’s position looked very promising.  With Joe and Alex’s positions not looking clearly better, and Stephen’s looking even, if a bit passive, Stephen asked Joe and Alex not to press for a win, and accept a draw.  Shortly afterwards Alex did indeed draw his position, with Joe following suit shortly after.


By this time Dave’s position was much better, and he eased to a comfortable win, to take Fareham into the lead.  Frazer sacrificed a rook for a fierce attack, and soon had overwhelming compensation, to win on board four.  With the match won, and with a solid blockade in place, and eyes on the long journey back for the away team, Stephen offered a draw.  His opponent thought about it, and played on.  Stephen continued to consolidate his position, in no danger of losing.  Then, with the theory that there was nothing riding on the result, his opponent sacrificed the exchange to break through.  The sacrifice was certainly not sound, or justified, and with only ten minutes left on the clock for each player, it was a very risky approach.  However, Stephen miscalculated, and the position resolved into Q B N vs Q R, with White on the offensive.  Stephen complicated the situation further, activating his queen, and winning several pawns, but White had a strong attack with mating chances.  In the time scramble, Stephen made a mistake allowing a mating combination, which was missed by his opponent, whom after a few more moves was left with nothing more than a perpetual check.  The game resolving to a draw, the match result was sealed at 3.5 - 1.5, to make it four in a row for Fareham B.

Fareham B  3.5   Basingstoke A  1.5

Tuesday, December 08, 2015 Southampton D v Fareham B

R Williams 0 J Coburn 1

D Agostinelli 1 D Elliot 0

K Sawers 0 A Cagnasso 1

J Wiseman 0 F Graham 1

J Ingamells 1 S Nelson-Smith 0

Joe returned to 1.d4, and faced a Budapest - a line he knows well.  Dave was unable to play a trademark gambit line against his opponent’s English, and chose a Benoni-like setup.  Alex transposed into a King’s Indian, with white Fianchetto.  Frazer trotted out his Sniper once more, while Stephen essayed the unassuming 1.a3.

Joe’s game rapidly evolved into a typical Budapest-like position - open, few weaknesses, rather unexciting.  The position looked even.  Dave’s position also looked solid.  Alex looked better right out of the opening, with his opponent misplacing a knight on a5.  Frazer looked comfortable in his position, and his opponent seemed to have chosen some rather unsatisfactory squares for his pieces.  Stephen had transposed into a Sokolsky and had a space advantage, and better pieces.

The games continued in this way for some time - Joe looking even, but not better, Dave looking even, Alex looking better, Frazer looking even, Stephen looking better.  The first change came when Frazer found an excellent move, retreating his bishop to f8, and entering a combination which eventually won him the exchange.  Dave had worked up some initiative, having sacrificed a knight to get active pawns.  Joe assessed his position as even but unclear, and offered a draw, which was declined.

Alex continued to press, and looked comfortably better.  Frazer made the most of his material advantage and was winning.  Stephen’s opponent opened the position, leaving Stephen with a 4-3 majority on the KS against an isolated pawn on the QS.  With all his pieces active, and the two bishops, Stephen still looked clearly better.  Dave had worked up a ferocious attack in the centre, but was plagued with back rank threats, and wasn’t quite able to press through.  He made a tactical error and was suddenly quite a lot of material down.  Joe, meanwhile, had improved his position in a Q&N endgame, and swiftly went on to produce mating threats which his opponent couldn’t defend.  1-0 to Fareham.  Unfortunately, Stephen, in time trouble, played a move that looked to be winning, but missed a tactic, which some moves later led to losing a knight.  With seconds left on his clock he tried in vain to find counterplay, but the flag fell.  Frazer came to the rescue having made a faux queen sacrifice, guaranteeing a breakthrough, and Fareham were 2-1 up.  Dave resigned shortly afterwards, but Alex was able to press home his advantage to deliver a match win on the night.

A solid performance on board 1 for Joe, and very well played Frazer and Alex.  Dave and Stephen were disappointed to have missed tactics, especially as Stephen was clearly better.  Still, a match win is what counts, and it’s 5 wins from 5 games for Fareham B.


Soton D  2  Fareham B  3

Monday, January 11, 2016 Winchester A Fareham B (Postponed)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 Fareham B Chandlers Ford A

Elliott. D. 1 Holmes. D. 0

Northcott. P. 1 George. N. 0

Graham. F. 1 Lamb. K. 0

Butler. A. 1 Minchev. P. 0

Feng. J. 0 Chandar. M. 1

An excellent start to 2016 for the unbeaten B team, who remain unassailed at the top of the SCL 3rd division. Fareham introduced new blood into the team, with debuts for Paul Northcott on board 2, Alan Butler on board 4 and Jia Feng on board 5, with Dave Elliot on board 1 and Frazer on board 3.

Dave faced D. Holmes (138), and found himself on the receiving end of his favourite Morra Gambit.  Paul opened 1.e4 against N.George (90) and quickly reached a comfortable open position.  Frazer again essayed the Sicilian against Keven Lamb (84), and gained excellent Queen side chances.  Alan played the Kings Gambit against the unrated Petar Minchev, gaining a good position.  Jia played the Modern against Maha Chandar (84), also gaining a good position.

By move 15 Paul was a piece up, and cruising to victory.  Frazer managed to get pawns on d5 and e4, winning a piece, and Alan tried a sacrifice for more initiative.  Jia’s position remained stable, while Dave tried to give back the gambit pawn.

Paul continued to press, and with an overwhelming material advantage, forced a resignation.  Frazer faced a counter-attack on his kingside, but played accurately to maintain the edge.  Jia began to loose her way.  Alan won a piece, and shortly thereafter the game - a superb result, given his opponent’s 151 rating in the Jan 2016 database!  Dave was in time trouble, but somewhat better.

Frazer built up forces against his opponent’s king, and won with a pretty smothered mate to give Fareham the match win.  Jia finally lost on the bottom board, and Dave was last to finish, after managing to gain a material advantage.

A solid performance, with wins for two of the three new starters.  Paul never looked threatened, and Jia played well before overlooking a few moves, but man of the match goes to Alan for his superb win against the Chandlers Ford dark horse!

Fareham B  4  Chandlers Ford A  1

Tuesday, February 16, 2016  Fareham B v Southampton D

D Deacon 1 J Wiseman 0
D Elliott 0 K Sawers 1
J Feng 0 D Priestley 1
P Northcott 0 V Ingamells 1
F Graham 1 J Davies 0

Joe Coburn, the acting captain on behalf of Stephen Nelson-Smith was not well so as Dave Deacon was available he stood in for Joe on Board 1 with Dave Elliot becoming the stand-in 'on the night' captain.

Jia Feng stood in on Board 3. According to Tony Corkett she played well early on & had a good position but lost the endgame.

With wins on Board 1 & 5 by Dave D & Frazer Graham to balance the losses on Board 3 & 4 by Jia F & Paul Northcott, the match was poised at 2-2 with the game on Board 2 still continuing.
However Dave E, whilst marginally holding the better position, picked up a Rook, dallied on where to move it & lost on time.

Consequently the Fareham SCL B team has lost it's 100% record & been joined at the top of the Div 3 table by the victorious Southampton D team.

Fareham 2 Southampton 3

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Basingstoke A Fareham B

Stipcevic. I 1 Graham. F 0

Ashore. R ½ Coburn. J ½

Boyd. P ½ Elliott. D ½

Kocan. B 1 Chapman.C 0

Graham. D 1 Butler. A 0

Basingstoke A  4  Fareham B  1

Monday, March 21, 2016 Winchester A Fareham B

J.A.Jimenez Capilla 0 F. Graham 1

M. White 0 J. Coburn 1

D.Kinsler 1 C. Chapman 0

B.Cleave 1 A. Butler 0

A. Dyos 1 R. Davies 0

Winchester A  3  Fareham B  2

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Fareham B Salisbury B

Black, E 1-0 Luther, C

Graham, F 1-0 Pope, M

Coburn, J 0-1 Rusin, T

Elliott, D 0.5 McCook, N

Northcott, P 1-0 Pun Magar, P

Fareham 3.5  Salisbury 1.5

SCL B Team player of the year is Frazer Graham

P W L D Score
D Deacon 2 2 0 0 100%
E Black 1 1 0 0 100%
F Graham 10 9 1 0 90%
J Coburn 8 4 1 3 69%
P Northcott 3 2 1 0 67%
A Cagnasso 4 2 1 1 63%
D Elliott 7 3 2 2 57%
S Nelson-Smith 5 1 2 2 40%
A Butler 3 1 2 0 33%
P Bennett 2 0 2 0 0%
J Feng 2 0 2 0 0%
C Chapman 2 0 2 0 0%
R Davies 1 0 1 0 0%