This page is archived from the 2015/16 season

SCL Fareham A Fixtures and Results 2015-16

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Fareham A Ringwood B

A Corkett         draw        R Pegg

K Gregory       draw        R Perrin

R Marsh         1-0         R Ursell

M Edwards       draw        P Donaldson

E Black          0-1         R Davenport

The match was closer than might have been expected from the difference in grades. At various times a 3-2 win for either side looked likely. Tony and Ted generally seemed to have the worse of their games, while Keith, Roger, and Mike, seemed to have the better of it.

Fareham A     2.5 - 2.5     Ringwood B

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Fareham A Southampton C

Keith Gregory 1 Rajasekhar Pentakota 0

Roger Marsh Paul Hurn

Mike Edwards 1 Dave Agostinelli 0

Ted Black Kevin Sawers

Paul Northcott Tim Cutter

Fareham A 3.5  Soton C 1.5

Thursday, November 19, 2015  University B Fareham A

Matt Chapman Keith Gregory

Gavin Fong Roger Marsh

Nick Misoulis 0 Mike Edwards 1

Stephen Gow 0 Ted Black 1

Gabriel Tshabango 0 Dave Elliott 1

My offer of a draw at about 20:00 drew instant amusement from all the  
other players, except my opponent who considered and accepted before  
joining in.
For about 10 minutes I thought Mike had made a promising pawn sacrifice  
before noticing he was also a piece up.
Dave won a pawn or two and suffered the happy problem of having to choose  
between several ways of winning.
Ted defended a difficult position well, notable for the way the two active  
pieces of his opponent were threatening to defeat Ted's three active  
pieces.  At the end his opponent blundered a piece, perhaps having seen  
the only line I saw which I think led to a won king and pawn endgame  
for Ted, but such still need winning.
Keith always had the better of his game, the only question being was it  
enough to win.  It involved letting Matt get a passed pawn on the seventh  
rank and being sure this was a weak pawn not a strong one.  The game came  
down to a rook and pawn against rook endgame which was agreed drawn when  
the players had 15 seconds between them for the rest of the game.

Uni B  1  Fareham B  4

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 Fareham A Southampton B

Keith Gregory Gareth Jones

Roger Marsh 1 Robin Williams 0

Mike Edwards 0 Gillian Moore 1

Ted Black 1 Alex Samuels 0

Frazer Graham 0 John Wiseman 1

I was trying very hard to find winning chances in my game on board 2 so  
only got brief glimpses of what was going on.

Keith's game looked a likely draw for quite a while.  Ted's game looked  
level and then he played a move which looked promising: then seemed to be  
winning and duly won.  A little later both Mike and Frazer seemed to be  
winning their games, and the results when these games finished were a  
shock.  I think I won because I had more time to try things than my  
opponent had to find an accurate reply.

Fareham A  2.5  Soton B  2.5

Tuesday, February 09, 2016 Southampton C Fareham A

Pentakota, R 0.5 Gregory, K

Agostinelli, D 0.5 Black, E

Sawyer, K 0-1 Coburn, J

Priestly, D 0-1 Elliott, D

Ingamells, J 0.5 Chapman, C

Soton C  1.5  Fareham A  3.5

Tuesday, March 01, 2016 Southampton B v Fareham A

Dave Cordner Keith Gregory

Gareth Jones Roger Marsh

Robin Williams Ted Black

Gillian Moore 1 Joseph Coburn 0

John Wiseman 1 Chas Chapman 0

The top two boards never really looked like being other than drawn.  Chas  
left a piece loose which his opponent was able to win by correct play.  
Gillian Moore is playing very well at the moment, and Joe was eventually  
left with desperation moves.  Ted had a slight advantage, but already 2  
games down it was not worth seeing if a win would appear.

Soton B  3.5 Fareham A 1.5

Tuesday, March 08, 2016  Fareham A v University B

A Corkett      1-0      E Manino

K Gregory     1-0      M Kiranov

R Marsh        1-0      H Hong

T Black         1-0      J Rye

D Elliott        1-0      S Gow

The bottom three boards were closer than the 5-0 match score suggests.  Probably none of these three should have lost, but the potential for it to happen was there. Did not see much of Tony's game, except to notice it looked like a Benko without the pawn sacrifice and thought 'likely win'.  It always looked like Keith was going to win.

Fareham A  5  Soton Uni B  0

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Fareham A v Hamble B

Tony Corkett 1 Martin Buckley 0

Roger Marsh Richard Puchades

Ted Black 0 John Wilkinson 1

Frazer Graham 1 D Popovic 0

Paul Northcott Simon Pearson

Paul defended an awkward position to draw.  Boards 2, 3, and 4, were  
decided by blunders of various severity but these did not change the total  
points scored.  Tony won the game on top board, where their player was  
unable to do what Paul did for us.

Fareham A  3  Hamble B  2

Monday,  April 18, 2016 Ringwood B v Fareham A

Given the criticality of this match to the outcome of Div 2, the Fareham Club would have preferred for this to recorded as a non played 2.5 - 2.5 draw rather than a default 5 - 0 win for Fareham A but, as we understand it, the current SCL Rules do not permit such a result.

Ringwood B  0  Fareham A  5 (Match defaulted)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Hamble B v Fareham A

Broom, M 0.5 Corkett, A

Wilkinson, K 0.5 Gregory, K

Buckley, M 0-1 Marsh, R

Lefevre, S 0.5 Black, E

Pearson, S 0-1 Coburn, J

Boards two and four, where we had the black pieces, were first to finish when it seemed clear black had gotten to the middle-game without disadvantage.  Board five was a game with unbalanced material which Joe was likely to win.  By this time I was a piece up on board three, sacrificed for active play, but the fact checkmate was near stopped me offering a draw to secure promotion.  Tony sacrificed the exchange for play in an inferior position, but Mark Broom made a mistake which let Tony draw easily.

Hamble B  1.5  Fareham A  3.5

P W L D Score
D Elliott 3 3 0 0 100%
A Corkett 4 2 0 2 75%
R Marsh 8 4 0 4 75%
J Coburn 3 2 1 0 67%
K Gregory 8 2 0 6 63%
M Edwards 4 2 1 1 63%
E Black 9 3 2 4 56%
P Northcott 2 0 0 2 50%
F Graham 2 1 1 0 50%
C Chapman 2 0 1 1 25%