This page is archived from the 2015/16 season

Estlin Trophy 2015-16

Holder: Paul Bennett


This is an 'all-play-all once' handicap tournament, with two points for a win & one point for a draw. This will take place on Tuesday 22nd September.

The results on the night were as follows:

1st Tony Corkett
2nd Joe Coburn and Jia Feng
4th Frazer Graham and Andrew Thomas
6th Ted Black
7th Alan Butler and Roger Marsh
9th Rob Davies
10th Kalvin White
11th Jim Craig and Les Springthorpe

Well done to Tony and thank you to all those that participated!


The handicapping system will be as follows:

Difference in Grading        Handicap
             0 - 2                         No QBP for both players
             3 - 8                         KNP
             9 - 14                       KBP + QNP
           15 - 29                       QN
           30 - 49                       QR
           50 - 74                       QR + QN
           75 - 99                       Q
         100 - 124                     Q + QN
            .>125                        Q + QR


For members without a Grading (see the Grading Page), the Tournament Controller allocates a Grading for the purpose of this Competition.