This page is archived from the 2015/16 season

Cole Cup Results 2015-16

Round 1

Tues 10.11.15 Fareham A v Cosham

Corkett, A 1-0 Cordner, D

Gregory, K 0.5 Puchades, R

Edwards, M 0-1 Smith, A

Black, E 0.5 Lefevre, S

Coburn, J 0-1 Feltham, G

Fareham A  2  Cosham  3

Fareham B have a bye and will play Portsmouth A in round 2

Round 2

Weds 6.1.16  Portsmouth A v Fareham B

M Broome (193) 0.5 M Chapman (162)

T Bird (166) 10 D Elliott (139)

M Buckley (159) 10 A Cagnasso (137)

S Venables (145) 01 F Graham (117)

D Ross snr (133) 0.5 R Davies (99)

After the A Team's defeat by Cosham in R1, it was left to the B Team to try win the Cole cup for the Club. However, in R2 we were drawn against the powerful Portsmouth A team. There were great performances by the two youngest players --  Matt Chapman in drawing with his opponent despite a grade difference of 31 & Frazer Graham, continuing his excellent form, by beating his opponent despite a grade difference of 28 --  and even the old man of the team didn't do too badly with a draw against an opponent with a grade difference of 34. However the two other OAPs in the team were defeated (albeit both against higher graded opponents) giving a match loss of 3 - 2.
It means there's a good chance that the B team will be hosting the A Team in the Plate when the draw is made!

Portsmouth A  3  Fareham B 2

Cole Plate Semi-Final

Tues 5th April 2016 Fareham B v Fareham A

Chapman, M 0-1 Corkett, A

Graham, F 0-1 Gregory, K

Elliott, D 0.5 Black, E

Cagnasso, A 0-1 Coburn, J

Davies, S 1-0 Johnson, S

The B team put up a good performance against the A team and at one point were even winning 1-0. However, the A team's heavy guns eventually took their toll & it finished with their expected win. On behalf of the B team, we wish Joe & his A team the best of luck in the forthcoming Plate Final.

Fareham B  1.5  Fareham A  3.5

Cole Plate Final - Tues 24th May Fareham A v Chichester A

Corkett, A 1-0 Wilson, J

Gregory, K 0-1 Lukhosius, R

Edwards, M 0.5 Osyemi, L

Black E 1-0 Judd, I

Coburn, J 0.5 Miller, A

Fareham A  3  Chichester A  2