This page is archived from the 2015/16 season

Club Championship 2015-16Holder: Tony Corkett

The format this year will be 4 seeded pools. Each pool is an all play all, with random colour selection. The winners of each pool will go forward to the semi-finals.

Pool A:

A Corkett, A Krajewski, S Johnson, F Graham

F Graham 1-0 A Krajewski; A Corkett 1-0 S Johnson;

F Graham 0.5 A Corkett; A Corkett 1-0 A Krajewski (def);

S Johnson 1-0 A Krajwewski (def); S Johnson 0-1 F Graham

A Corkett declared winner (Frazer unavailable to play playoff)

Pool B:

R Marsh, B Massey, K White, L Springthorpe, C Chapman

R Marsh  1-0 L Springthorpe; B Massey 0-1 R Marsh;

B Massey 0-1 L Springthorpe; L Springthorpe 0-1 K White;

L Springthorpe 1-0 C Chapman; K White 0.5 B Massey;

R Marsh 1-0 C Chapman; R Marsh 1-0  K White;

R Marsh wins Pool B

Pool C:

M Chapman, A Thomas, A Butler, T Pearce

M Chapman 1-0 A Thomas; A Butler 1-0 A Thomas;

A Butler 0-1  M Chapman;

M Chapman wins Pool C

Pool D:

K Gregory, J Coburn, R Davies, J Feng

R Davies 0-1 K Gregory; J Coburn 1-0 R Davies

J Feng 0-1 K Gregory; J Feng 1-0 R Davies; A Cagnasso 0-1 J Coburn

J Coburn 0.5 K Gregory; J Coburn 1-0 J Feng;

K Gregory 1-0 A Cagnasso (def); R Davis 1-0 A Cagnasso (def);

J Feng 1-0 A Cagnasso (def)

K Gregory wins playoff against J Coburn 2-0

K Gregory withdraws, J Coburn goes through.


M Chapman 0-1 A Corkett; A Corkett  1-0  M Chapman

J Coburn 0.5 R Marsh (RP); R Marsh 1-0  J Coburn (RP)


R Marsh 0-1   A Corkett

A Corkett 1-0 R Marsh

Tony is therefore Club Champion for 2016.