This page is archived from the 2014/15 season

Kriegspiel Tournament 2014-15

Holder: Chris Smithers



This will be held over two evenings, 28th July and 11th August. Any member may arrange to play any other member once. There are 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

Jia Feng 1-1 Kalvin White

Les Springthorpe 1-0 Owen Holland

Jim Craig 2-0 Brian Welsh

Brian Welsh 0-2 Jia Feng

Kalvin White 0-2 Les Springthorpe

Rob Davies 0-2 Jim Craig

Owen Holland 0-2 Frazer Graham

Kalvin White 0-2 Rob Davies

Jia Feng 1-1 Les Springthorpe

Owen Holland 2-0 Kalvin White

Jim Craig 2-0 Adrian Krajewski

Frazer Graham 2-0 Kalvin White

Rob Davies 2-0 Jia Feng

Adrian Krajewski 0-2 Owen Holland

Les Springthorpe 0-2 Frazer Graham


The Final Leaderboard:-

Six points - Jim Craig
                        Frazer Graham
                        Owen Holland
Four points - Rob Davies
                        Jia Feng
Three points - Les Springthorpe
One point - Kalvin White
Nil points - Adrian Krajewski
                       Brian Welsh