This page is archived from the 2014/15 season

Club Championship 2014-15Holder: Tony Corkett

The format this year will be 4 seeded pools. Each pool is an all play all, with random colour selection. The winners of each pool will go forward to the semi-finals.

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Tony Corkett Keith Gregory Mike Edwards Dave Deacon
Jim Craig Brian Massey Syd Eva Dave Anderson
Frazer Graham Alan Butler Owen Holland Dave Elliott
Joe Coburn Les Springthorpe Alan Clarkson Rob Davies
Bill Curry Adrian Krajewski Ashraf Syed Paul Bennett

Pool A Results

Tony Corkett   1-0    Frazer Graham

Joe Coburn     1-0    Jim Craig

Tony Corkett   1-0    Joe Coburn

Frazer Graham 1-0  Bill Curry

Frazer Graham  1-0  Jim Craig

Joe Coburn      1-0  Frazer Graham

Bill Curry        1-0   Jim Craig

Bill Curry        0-1   Tony Corkett

Joe Coburn     1-0    Bill Curry

Tony Corkett   1-0    Jim Craig

Pool A Winner: Tony Corkett

Pool B Results

Alan Butler       1-0     Les Springthorpe

Alan Butler     1-0    Adrian Krajewski

Adrian Krajewski  1-0  Brian Massey

Alan Butler       1-0     Brian Massey

Keith Gregory   1-0    Alan Butler

Keith Gregory   1-0    Adrian Krajewski (defaulted)

Brian Massey    0-1    Keith Gregory

Keith Gregory   1-0    Les Springthorpe

Les Springthorpe  1-0  Brian Massey

Pool B Winner: Keith Gregory

Pool C Results

Mike Edwards   1-0    Owen Holland

Owen Holland   1-0   Syed Eva

Alan Clarkson    0-1   Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards    1-0   Syd Eva

Ashraf Syed       1-0  Syd Eva

Syd Eva            1-0   Alan Clarkson

Pool C Winner: Mike Edwards

Pool D Results

Dave Deacon    1-0   Rob Davies

Dave Anderson 0-1  Rob Davies

Paul Bennett     1-0  Dave Anderson

Pool D Winner: Dave Deacon


Tony Corkett v Dave Deacon -  2.5 v 0.5

Keith Gregory v Mike Edwards - 2.5 v 0.5 (1 game defaulted)


Game 1 Tony Corkett 0.5 Keith Gregory

Game  2      Keith Gregory      0.5    Tony Corkett

Rapid Play deciders: Tony Corkett  2 - 0  Keith Gregory