This page is archived from the 2009/10 season

Summer Seniors Tournament 2010


Previous Holder: Rob Davies


This four round tournament is for members aged 60 & over after the start of the Portsmouth & District League 2010/2011 season. One point per match for a win & half a point for a draw, Rate of play per match is 30 moves in one hour followed by 15 minutes quickplay.


The Round 1 results (White first) are:

Brian Massey         1 - 0      Syd Eva
Bill Curry                1 - 0      Rob Davies
Les Springthorpe  0.5 - 0.5   Jim Craig
Dave Scotney had the bye (one point)
The Round 2 results (White first) are:
 Dave Scotney 1-0 Bill Curry
 Jim Craig 1-0 Brian Massey
 Syd Eva 1-0 Les Springthorpe
Rob Davies (0) has the bye (one point) 
The Round 3 results (White first) are:
     Rob Davies 0-1 Dave Scotney
     Bill Curry 1-0 Syd Eva
     Brian Massey 0.5-0.5 Les Springthorpe
     Jim Craig had the bye (1 point)
The Round 4 results (White first) are:
    Jim Craig 1 v Dave Scotney 0
    Bill Curry 1 v Brian Massey 0
    Syd Eva 0.5 v Rob Davies 0.5
    Les Springthorpe (1) has the bye (1 point)
The Final positions are:
    1)   Jim Craig, 3.5 points
    2=) Bill Curry, 3 points
          Dave Scotney, 3 points
    4)   Les Springthorpe, 2 points
    5=) Rob Davies, 1.5 points
          Syd Eva, 1.5 points
          Brian Massey, 1.5 points
Jim Craig is therefore the winner of the Senior Tournament