This page is archived from the 2008/09 season

Kriegspiel Tournament 2008-9


Any member may arrange to play any other member once during the season i.e. before the end of June 2009. There is one point for a win and half a point for a draw.


C. Smithers 0 v J. Craig 1
D. Elliott 1 v J. Craig 0
J. Coburn v D. Elliott

D. Elliott 1 v L. Springthorpe 0

R. Davies 1 v W. Curry 0

D. Elliott 1 v R. Davies 0


D. Elliott 3

J. Craig 1
R. Davies 1

J. Coburn
W. Curry 0

C. Smithers 0

L. Springthorpe 0

Dave Elliott wins the Kriegspiel Tournament for 2008-9