This page is archived from the 2007/08 season

Club Championship 2007-8
Holder: Joe Coburn

There is a new format this year. Entrants have been divided into two pools, each containing two seeded players based on ECF grades. Within each pool all will play all over the season. Three points are awarded for a win and one for a draw. There will be a two game final between the winners of the pools.

Pool 1

J. Coburn, W. Curry, D. Deacon, S. Eva, B. Massey, C. Smithers, L. Springthorpe, W. Tottle

Pool 2

T. Black, J. Craig, R. Davies, D. Elliott, S. Pothecary, A. Syed, P. Waller


Pool 1: C. Smithers 1 v W. Curry 0; S. Eva 1 v W. Curry 0; W. Curry 1 v B. Massey 0; W. Tottle 1 v W. Curry 0

Final scores: W. Curry 3, S. Eva 3, C. Smithers 3, W. Tottle 3, B. Massey 0; Bill Curry qualifies for the final having played the most games.

Pool 2: S. Pothecary v P. Waller ; S. Pothecary 1 v R. Davies 0; R. Davies v P. Waller ; J. Craig 1 v R. Davies 0; J. Craig 0 v P. Waller 1; S. Pothecary 0 v J. Craig 1; S. Pothecary 0 v E. Black 1; E. Black 0 v P. Waller 1; E. Black 1 v J. Craig 0; D. Elliott 1 v P. Waller 0; E. Black 1 v R. Davies 0; D. Elliott v J. Craig ;

Final scores: E. Black 9, P. Waller 8, J. Craig 7, D. Elliott 4, S. Pothecary 4, R. Davies 1; Ted Black qualifies for the final.

Final: W. Curry v E. Black (over two games) 1-1; Ted Black won the decider.